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Kaliedoscope Multicultural Club (K.M.C)

Kaleidoscope Multicultural Club (KMC) was founded and revamped by Nicoshia Wynn (advisor of KMC) in Spetember of 2001 due to the increase in students of color asking for a club that will bring about cultural expression and awareness on the CSS campus. The original club was called "Kaleidoscope" which was an offspring of the e-racism project, but it never developed into a club prior to Nicoshia's arrival. Since the club has started, KMC has added a Co-Advisor (Joe Bouie - Student Diversity Advocate) and has had major increases in student participation from various backgrounds and cultures and increased participation at KMC cultural events via CSS and the Duluth community.Find out more >>

International Club

The International Club (CSS INc.) was formed with the intent of creating a community for both U.S. and international students to explore and thrive in. This is a forum for students to learn more about cultures around the world, through first-hand interaction with students from abroad. We celebrate cultural diversity through several activities and events such as trips, cultural nights, and the International Week. Held in the spring semester of every year, the Week is one of the most anticipated events at St. Scholastica.Find out more >>

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club is a campus organization dedicated to providing students numerous opportunities to experience the mission and purpose of the social work profession. Michelle Robertson, MSW, is the club advisor. Michelle is committed to assisting students in developing and executing community focused projects. Each year Social Work Club members determine a year-long agenda/plan. Social Work Club activities in the past included: raising funds for low-income families at the holidays, volunteerign at the Damiano Soup Kitchen and assisting youth in the East Hillside Community. Find out more >>

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