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Executive Members of the Club

Name: Vanessa Rypa
Position: Vice President
Place of origin: Congo
Year in school: Junior
I'm very friendly and loveable, which means I love meeting new people and making friends. I have many special talent which can be easily noticeable. I'm kinda shy and easily touched by people's generosity. I love country songs now which some people think that it's weird for me.I also love's my favorite thing to do. To know more in depth things about me. You have to get to know me first.

Name: Sewasew Tedla
Position: Secretary
Place of origin: Ethiopia
Year in school: Senior
I am from Ethiopia, a land where hospitality and kindness is the root of its culture; hence I embody those characteristics in my daily life. I love music, collecting quotes and blogging. I am an introvert person with few but long lasting friends. My family is the core of my being and striving to make a change in this world is my passion.

Name: Bezawit Wagnew
Position: Tresurer
Place of origin: Ethiopia
Year in school: Junior
I'm a social person I love to hang out with people and my family. I listen to music a lot. I'm short but still beautiful and I love being me.

Name: Ryan Salay
Position: Advitiser/PR
Place of origin: USA
Year in school: Senior

Name: Danielle Poualeu
Position: Student Advisor
Place of origin: Cameroon
Year in school : Senior
Hobbies: Love traveling and meeting new people. Love music , especially gospel music and Africa gospel music, and also loves dancing. I am from Cameroon, on the western coast of Africa. Cameroon is the only bilingual country in Africa with a population of over 20 million people. Cameroon is also know as Africa in Miniature. This means that everything in other countries in Africa is also found in Cameroon.

Name: Benetta Gayflor
Position: Student Advisor
Place of origin: Liberia
Year in school : Junior
My name is Benetta Gayflor. I am from Monrovia, in Liberia. Liberia is the first country in Africa(the mother land) to have a female president, the one and only Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Executive Members Roles and Responsibilities

The Committee consists of the officers elected by the general club members to perform specific duties on behalf of the club. All positions in the committee are open to any club member. However, only members that have been part of the committee for at least a year qualify for the club presidency. In order to execute important decisions in committee meetings, all or a majority of members are required to attend all meetings. At lest five to six members are required to attend committee meetings. The committee will meet on a regular and attendance will be recorded at all meetings. The current decision pertaining to meeting is every week. All major decisions pertaining to events, elections, conferences and any activity that has the clubs name attached to it should be approved by the committee.

1. President

Preside over all meetings. (In the absence of the President, the Vice President will take on responsibility).
Represent organization on campus.
Ensure that the organization is operating in conformity with the standards of the College of St. Scholastica and the Center for Just Living.
Maintain communication with organization adviser

2. Vice President

Preside over meetings in the absence of the President
Schedule meetings/events with appropriate personnel
Coordinate organization promotion and publicity of events

3. Secretary

Maintain an accurate record of all organization meetings and post for members in a timely manner
Maintain membership directory
Correspond when necessary with administration and other recognized organizations

4. Treasurer

Maintain accurate record of organization transactions
Develop organization budget and present to committee and general membership
Arrange fundraising opportunies for the organization
Request additional funding if necessary from Student Senate
Work in conjonction with the President

5. Adviser

Maintain communication and meet with officer(s) regularly
Awareness and approval of financial expenditures
Ensure that the organization is operating in conformity with the standards of The College St. Scholastica and the Center for Just Living.

Conditions for the removal of an officer or advisor:

In the event that the actions of an officer or advisor is inappropriate he or she may be removed from office by 50% vote of the other officers and 75% of the general membership.

The officer is permitted to speak before the Executive Committee and the general membership about the charges made against him or her.

The officer is not permitted to participate in the deliberation of the Executive Committee regarding the charges.

Financial Matters

The treasurer should provide detailed financial procedures including the amount after activities. Money shall be deposited and disbursed through a bank account through The College of St. Scholastica's Business Office.

The treasurer should ensure that all funds must be deposited within 24 hours after collection.