Be The Change Student Leadership Seminar:
The Be the Change Student Leadership Seminar engages students through an application process to meet in community with a small group of students throughout the semester.  Students read thought-provoking articles that challenge common notions of service and activism.  This course is offered for credit through the Honors Department at CSS. 
  • Be the Change: Seminar 
  • Be the Change: Practicum 
HON 3010 
Be The Change: Seminar
The student-led Be the Change: Seminar at the College of St. Scholastica seeks to connect civically-engaged CSS students interested in reflecting on and discussing issues of community activism and social change in a small group format.  Students will read essays and articles challenging commonly accepted notions in order to stimulate critical thinking and deep dialogue.  Students will also take a collaborative role in the success of the class.  They will trust themselves and each other to lead and will learn skills of facilitation through leading a class session in the format of the Seminar.  The small group format will allow for the development of relationships wherein students can actively learn from each others’ experiences, paradigms and lexicons.This course is a survey course on a variety of social justice issues from varying viewpoints.  Topics of study include:  women's rights, HIV/AIDS, service-learning effectiveness/ineffectiveness, optimism/pessimism, globalization, social and economic inequities, and spirituality.  The readings and reflection pieces come from a multitude of different viewpoints, ethnicities, and social circumstances.

HON 3020 
Be The Change: Practicum
This course builds upon previously established theories of social justice and community service. Students having participated in the Fall Seminar will have built a strong community with which to challenge personal biases and prejudices in the Spring Practicum. The course content includes the study of Catholic social teaching. The course will utilize a number consciousness-raising and group-building exercises. The in-depth focus on individual components of the Social Change Wheel allows students to analyze and critique particular ways of creating social change.  The corresponding Be the Change service-learning project requires analyzing and addressing social problems on the micro-campus level through a specific method of change-making. The project encompasses service planning, project implementation, and evaluation of the effort.  Students will also study methodologies of current non-profit and governmental organizations committed to social change work in order to facilitate their professional development.  

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