CJL Coordinators:
The Center for Just Living staff promote a circular and non-hierarchal organizational approach. While we all help in every area, three major areas of responsibility have been delineated:

  • The CJL brings social justice issues to the college community by facilitating speakers, films, and discussions.  It also works with clubs on campus that raise awareness and promote action around social issues: Amnesty International, the Student Campaign for Child Survival, Earth Action, United for Africa, etc.
  •  The Just Living Coalition under the CJL is to promote unity within various social justice clubs and student coordinators help facilitate between various clubs. 
  • The Student coordinators also act as a liasion between the CJL and the student bodu of the college and between the Service Learning department and the JLC.

Fall 2010-2011 Student Coordinator:

Christi Blommel at cblommel@css.edu

Service Learning Coordinator:
   Jay Newcomb:   jnewcomb@css.edu
   Phone Number: 218.723.6552

2007-2008 CJL coordinators 

Applications coming soon! Watch this space for details!

   For more information about the application process and CJL Coordinator Positions, contact the JLC or Jay Newcomb.

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