An investment club at the College of St. Scholastica was started in 2001/2002.  It is open to all CSS students, faculty, and staff.  The purpose of the club is to learn about the process of investing by actually investing money that will help the College of St. Scholastica.  No investment is required by the members.  Money invested is coming from donations from alumni and other sources. Watch the daily email announcements for meeting times and other news. 

The club meets monthly during the school year and will:

         Provide comprehensive learning experiences for devising investment strategies.

         Allow real life experience by providing resources, implementing strategies, and managing an actual portfolio of investments (stocks and mutual funds).

         Teach investment principles of

o       Investing regularly

o       Reinvesting dividends

o       Investing in growth

o       Diversifying

                   o       Establishing realistic goals

Faculty advisors for the group are Robert Hoffman and Jim Franck 

To know more about the club feel free to contact James Milliken at