Saint Scholastica College Republicans
Photo Gallery 2001-2002


October 8, 2002 – Coleman meets w/ CR’s from CSS, UMD and LSC.  (And a few random CRNC field repsJ )



Coleman addresses the group of nearly 40 CR’s at CSS.





Jess and Kat take a picture with Norm Coleman and Tim Pawlenty after the candidates held a press conference in the Duluth Airport.  All five endorsed candidates were in attendance as they made there way around the state, meeting voters and talking to the press.

Candidate for Governor, Brian Sullivan and his running mate, Kenric Scheevel visit Duluth and meet with CSS and UMD CR's.

Mike, Jess, Jake, Tyler, Travis and Megan decorate London Road and the shores of Lake Superior with
Kiffmeyer lawn signs.


Kick-off 2002
MN College Republican State Convention

Kelly, Jess, Jeff and Travis at the 2002 MNCR State Convention at Macalaster.

CRNC Executive Director and former MNCR State Chairman, Eric Hoplin, speaks to MNCR's at a reception for Norm Coleman Friday night at the convention.  



Norm Coleman and Chaiman Ron Eibensteiner pose with CSS CR's


Tim Pawlenty (above) and Brian Sullivan (below) address MN CR's and answer a few questions about their visions for Minnesota.



The Board...

Republican Party of MN State 2002 Convention





The convention floor...............

Brian Sullivan addresses the crowd.

Tyler and Tim pose for a picture.

Summer 2002 Photos


Pat Awada, Tom Kelly, Mary Kiffmeyer, Norm Coleman, Tim Pawlenty and Carol Molnau hold a press conference in June at the Duluth Airport as part of a fly-around that all five endorsed candidates took part in after the 2002 MN Republican Party State Convention.

Jess and Kat campaign for Norm Coleman down in Canal Park during Grandma's Marathon.

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